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As an added benefit, this page doubles as a sort of "Works Cited" for the site. As information written in my posts comes directly from all of these sources.

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A general information article concerning the Justinian Plague detailing its initial emergence and its overall impact on the Empire at the time.

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A useful article detailing the manner in which symptoms presented among infected populations, the general manner in which the disease propagated, and the possibility of resurgence.

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An informative article on the widespread effects that Romans faced when the Justinian Plague came about. Details symptoms and indicators of infected populations, as well as the challenges and strategies formed. 

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A brief excerpt of general information concerning the Justinian Plague as part of a larger article listing other pandemics.

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Published by National Geographic, a deep dive of the avenues of the Justinianic Plague's spread across the Roman Empire, its origin, and its threat of resurgence. (Requires Subscription)

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Published by the History Channel, this article draws the line in the sand concerning the true villains of the Plague, defending the innocent rats against the smear jobs done over centuries of misinformation.

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A recent word of caution concerning the possibility that the Bubonic plague continues to emerge in modern times.

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A short informative video concerning the Plague itself, the treatments available to the population at large and the challenges faced day-to-day.

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An article drawing specific lessons between past pandemics and our current times.


When people speak of ancestors and predecessors, it is the relation of this article and this site. It speaks directly to the legacy left by the Plague of Justinian, its descendants, and the failures modern society has endured in not properly addressing lessons that should have been learned thrice over.


While many cite the Plague of Justinian and later strains of Yersinia Pestis as strong causes of the downfall of the Roman Empire and even its Emperors, this article downplays their significance and casts doubt on their historical accuracy.

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An article dedicated to detailing the rise of what we now refer to Hospitals and the stepping stones that brought them to operate as we understand them.

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As the title suggests, a brief overlook of common practice for Physicians during the antiquity, a basic explanation of their guiding principles and some of the challenges faced when administering care.